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Would you like to have an English-speaking US citizen help you solve your IT and other tech support issues in Santo Domingo locally? If so, don't go back to your search engine: have a quick gander at the three text boxes up above. I provide all of those services in the Dominican Republic. After meeting a wonderful gal in the Dominican Republic, I've decided to make a long-term go of it living in the country. So, if you need help debugging your network connection and need an IT tech support company in the DR you've found it. And, if you need a website built from scratch or you need a web design company or designer/developer to fix your website I can also do that for you. Many websites hosted in the Dominican Republic in fact are not located on in-country servers. The location of your developer for those those IT tasks is not entirely relevant. (However, you may wish to meet me in Santo Domingo, which is fine. For other cities in the Dominican Republic such as Sosua, Santiago, or Cabarete, we will need to communicate via skype. And the same holds true if you need a web design company in Puerto Plata, Samana or Punta Cana.) There are many cities and web design companies which have one offer many experienced web and software developers which can even help with SEO for the Dominican Republic. One advantage I offer is that I've worked for large companies on complex software problems far more sophisticated that those which you're likely to encounter when setting up a website or app or desktop software for a small or medium-sized business in the Dominican Republic. You may also need to find a computer repair company in Santo Domingo to fix your laptop PC or Mac. It could be a Macbook air or other laptop computer that you need a spare part for. Computer maintentance and IT support is just a click away. Where is the best place to setup a network or fix a corporate network? I also solve those problems. Perhaps your internet service provider will not fix your wifi internet connection fast enough? Again, please take a look at the links in the boxes at the top of this Dominican Republic website. Computer problems and repair companies are not scarce, yet western-trained technical support is hard to find in the DR.